Our innovations

Laboratoires BEA are in tune with market trends. For fast and optimised range developments, discover our latest turnkey formulas in our boxes, in the spirit of the times and ready to be launched.

NATSCORE®, a self-scoring system for eco-designed products!

In order to help customers who are increasingly concerned about the composition of their hygiene and beauty products, Laboratoires BEA established the NATSCORE®. This rating grid allows you to favor formulas with less environmental impact, for an eco-responsible consumption pattern.


Solid cosmetics

Our range of “Solid Cosmetics” is part of an ecological and responsible consumption approach. Without water, our solid cosmetics keep better and even offer great possibilities for formulations.

To take care of your consumers, adopt this new sustainable consumption trend. Launch it on your brand without delay!

Hydroalcoholic biocidal gel

We offer you a biocidal hydroalcoholic gel suitable for daily and repeated use, in various formats. This no-rinse gel is disinfectant and antibacterial, it cleans and degreases your skin effectively.

Charcoal cosmetics

The purifying and cleansing benefits of charcoal are well known. We have developed an innovative non-labelled charcoal range to meet the growing demand for a return to more natural active ingredients.

Season Pink cosmetics

Our “Season Pink” range is a facial care routine suitable for all skin types. It combines originality and freshness. Light and punchy, this innovative range gives a boost to even the dullest skin.

Lips Kit cosmetics

Delight your consumers with a flashback to their childhood. The ‘Lips kit’ range offers formulas with the sweet taste of candyfloss.

For a moment of regression that will make you want to crunch your lip care.

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