Private label manufacturer for solid cosmetics

Recognised know-how in solid cosmetics

More ecological and more economical, solid cosmetics are on the rise. Faced with this need for transparency and cleaner formulas with less environmental impact (reduced or water-free formulation, controlled origin for raw materials), Laboratoires BEA have invested in a new production unit dedicated to solid cosmetics.

A flagship innovation

Our R&D team is at your disposal to define the product best suited to your needs. Together, we work on its formula according to your wishes concerning :

  • the origin of the raw materials: organic vegetable oils and butters, with guaranteed origin.
  • the fragrance: we offer you our selection of trends or let’s free rein to your imagination.
  • the choice of packaging compatible with this type of formulation: the compatibility of the container/contents and the transfer of matter are important parameters to master in the formulation of solid cosmetics. Our teams will help you choose the most appropriate packaging for your formula by carrying out specific tests (compatibility test under different time and temperature conditions, drop point measurement, softening point measurement, etc).

Certified by Ecocert, we are able to offer you cosmetic products holding the Cosmos Organic label for products from organic farming. We are also certified for other standards such as: BDIH, NOP, RSPO.

We offer a wide range of formulas:

Solid shampoo and conditioner
for different hair types (normal, oily, dry…)

Solid Body-lotion
in 100% cardboard stick or kraft box

Solid Deodorant
in 100% cardboard stick, in kraft boxes, in aluminium pots

Solid perfume concrete
in stick cartons with or without plastic, in jars

Dermatological bar and intimate cleansing bar

A cutting-edge production unit

Thanks to a multi-million investment in cutting-edge production tools, we can offer you solid cosmetics that are aesthetically pleasing, qualitative and competitive.

Our new production unit dedicated to solid cosmetics is based on recognised know-how and rigorous sourcing, enabling us to offer naturally effective ingredients, without controversial products.

The versatility of our production tool allows you to access :

  • A wide range of finishes: jars (aluminium, PET, glass, etc.), sticks (plastic, cardboard, etc.), kraft cardboard boxes.
  • High-performance equipment: melters (capacity up to 150L), cooling tunnel, conveyor, labelling machine, boxing machine, cellophane wrapping machine

Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

For formulas cast in boxes: 5,000 pieces

For formulas cast in silicone moulds and demoulded: 5,000 pieces

For formulas cast in aluminium pots: 5,000 pieces

For stick formulas: 10,000 pieces

For extruded shampoo formulations (solid shampoos): 6000 pieces

Full Service possible

Delivery time

Development of your custom solid cosmetic formula: Between 6 and 9 months for a formula customisation project.

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For fast and optimised range developments, discover in our boxes our latest turnkey formulas ready to be launched.

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