Design & formulation

Our “design and formulation” approach is unique. We rely on a combination of science, market knowledge and the latest technical advances.

Tailor-made support for all projects

The development of your product begins with your ideas and concepts into R&D, industrial and marketing specifications.

Thanks to our expertise, we can assist you in defining your idea and draw up your specifications, taking into account your strategy, deadlines and budget constraints.

Your contact person will be a project manager who will coordinate all stages of your product development:

  • Advice and personalised support
  • Monitoring of consumer trends
  • Market watch
  • Knowledge of distribution channels
  • Feasibility study of your projects using your brief

Once your specifications have been established, we will proceed to create the formulas. We provide you with our knowledge on a wide range of formulas, components and ingredients.

Laboratoires BEA, experts in formulation

Our R&D team, constantly on the lookout for new active ingredients, extracts or scents, develops your tailor-made products, in conventional, natural and organic formulations.

We offer you to study together your project and to define the characteristics of your product: 

  • Targeted audience: men / women / mixed
  • By skin type : dry, sensitive, combination
  • Targeted effectiveness: moisturising, anti-ageing, UV protection, etc.
  • Choice of texture and fragrance
  • Choice of different galenic formulas: white cosmetics, foaming, flowing, alcoholic and soaps…

With these elements as well as your brief, our teams propose the development of formulas that best meet your specifications, supported by samples. Once validated by you, the selected formula is subjected to stability and compatibility monitoring via accelerated ageing studies. Then, we ensure the reproducibility of your formulas and, if necessary, accompany their production using a 10-litre pilot plant in conjunction with our production department for scale-up.

We offer you our know-how and knowledge of more than a thousand components and formulas to translate your ideas into a formulation.

Turnkey formula

We also have our own catalogue of formulas. They can be used and modified according to your needs and have already proved their worth in the marketing channels. Regularly supplemented with new active ingredients, these turnkey cosmetic or hygiene formulas can be used as a basis for developing your own formulas.

Do you want a range of products to your image, but do not have a clear idea of what you want?

Choose from our “turnkey” catalogue innovative formulas ready to be manufactured and packaged. From solid cosmetic formulas, to palm-free or even vegan formulas… we have a unique range of choices.

Do you have project?

Would you like to create a range that reflects your image?
Opt for our tailor-made formulas.

of our strategy.