Industrialization is a decisive step in your project. It transposes the formulas developed in the laboratory to the production phase and allows you to anticipate any unpleasant surprises during the manufacturing process.

Thanks to a perfect mastery of the industrial process, Laboratoires BEA are committed to providing products that meet your highest requirements.

From formulation to industrial manufacturing

At Laboratoires BEA, each project is subject to an industrialization study by our Methods department (technical feasibility study). Our teams are there to ensure the feasibility of your projects, at every stage of the creation of your product, whether it is a soap, cosmetic, perfume or solid cosmetic.

With the implementation of rigorous tests and the use of recent and efficient production tools, our expertise and process ensure a perfect transposition of laboratory formulas to an industrial scale.

An industrial tool adapted to all your needs

We have a modern, efficient and varied machine park. We offer a wide variety of product types and textures: classic emulsions, liquids, gels, soaps, etc. and we guarantee great flexibility in production quantities.

Choose a partner with multiple know-how!


A diversified and modern machine park for a wide variety of cosmetic products.


A high-performance and innovative soap factory guaranteeing a high-level industrial manufacturing process.

Solid cosmetics

Casting cosmetic equipment and melters offering multiple manufacturing possibilities in solid form.


Traditional manufacturing of perfumes, eaux de toilettes and home fragrances, with the support of experts and perfumers.

A to Z outsourcing of industrial processes

Thanks to our wide range of products and our solid expertise as a formulator and shaper, we can support you at every stage of your product’s development.

Multi-specialists in the subcontracting of cosmetic products, soaps, perfumes, solid cosmetics and hydroalcoholic gel, our high-performance and innovative production tools adapt to your tailor-made project and guarantee you high-quality products.

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