BEA and the CONDAT group

Shared values

Laboratoires BEA joined the Lyon-based CONDAT group in 2008. By joining a stable group, founded in 1854, whose pursuit of sustainability is a leitmotif, Laboratoires BEA benefit from a solid economic model and can express their full creative and industrial potential.

Constant investments

With this support, Laboratoires BEA can pursue a dynamic industrial and investment policy. In response to developments in the cosmetics and hygiene market, our Valensole and Forcalquier sites benefit from the latest equipment adapted to new consumer trends, such as solid cosmetics. We also regularly expand our packaging offer.

By investing in more efficient facilities, we aim for industrial excellence. Our latest generation equipment also enables us to place eco-production and the quality of life at work of our employees at the heart of our concerns.

Group values

The companies of the CONDAT Group share common guidelines: high quality products, scientific and industrial performance, environmental commitment, ethics and citizenship.

Beyond that, they also share fundamental values and principles that guide them in their strategic orientations and daily management:

  • Build to last: achieving responsible performance that takes into account social and environmental issues, by sharing our experience and know-how.
  • Responsible: developing respectful and ethical solutions. It means educating to improve awareness of everyone’s respective responsibilities towards the planet. It also means developing and expressing a long-term vision by listening to our stakeholders.
  • Company in motion: ensuring the sustainability of our group through a strategy of innovation, diversification and specialisation and to guarantee our customers and employees a continuous progresse dynamic
  • Relationship quality: placing people at the heart of our exchanges because we are convinced that it is first and foremost the quality of the relationship that makes collaboration effective. We seek the fulfillment of our employees, partners and customers

They trust us

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