Laboratoires BEA: The soap expert since 1992!


More than 30 years of soap-making expertise at your service, including :

✅ A 3,500m2 cutting-edge factory, with a real eco-production approach

✅ 1,000m2 of logistics and laboratory space

✅ 6 production and packaging lines adapted to your medium and large production runs

✅ A capacity of 30 million soaps/year

✅ High-quality natural and organic soaps

✅ The widest range of soaps and syndets: scented, exfoliating, luxury, dermatological bar, facial cleanser, surgras and even household soap!

✅ Over 80 molds in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs

✅ Endless finishing possibilities: X-folding, case-making, flowpack, shrink-wrapped, stretched…

✅ A high-performance, innovative R&D department for your custom developments, or the flexibility of a catalog of over 100 formulas

✅ And above all, our soap-making experts, who love their work and are committed to working with you!

At Laboratoires BEA, every customer is unique, and every collaboration is a tailor-made partnership. If you’re looking to develop a new soap or solid cosmetic, look no further than the expert soap-maker you need!

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