a self-scoring system for eco-designed products!

In order to help customers who are increasingly concerned about the composition of their hygiene and beauty products, Laboratoires BEA established the NATSCORE®. This rating grid allows you to favor formulas with less environmental impact, for an eco-responsible consumption pattern.


A self-scoring system for eco-designed products!

It is a self-scoring system that assigns a score to each of our catalog formulas, based on specific criteria:

  • Percentage of naturalness: 95% of ingredients of natural origin according to ISO 16128.
  • Number of raw materials used.
  • Absence of some controversial ingredients: no PEG, no phthalates, no BHT/BHA, no EDTA, no silicones and no synthetic dyes.
  • Production: cold or low energy process. Specific formulation: VEGAN, without water.

A bonus point is awarded if the formula do not contain any palm or palm derivatives.

The scoring on 10 points is symbolized by small green leaves (from 1 to 3 leaves). The more eco-designed the formula is, the higher the number of leaves it gets.

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